Frequently asked questions :

Below you’ll find the most common questions we got. If you need any help with something else, feel free to contact us.

The Binance API that we ask you to provide does not have the withdrawal function. So we will never be able to withdraw money from your Binance wallet. We are only able to trade it.

We only use the Binance exchange for Futures tax optimization purposes.

We trade the BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT and LTC/USDT pairs for performance and diversification reasons.

You can stop using our services whenever you want. Simply remove your money from your Futures wallet, or delete the API you shared with us.

We do not ask you for a subscription like our competitors. As we know that our algorithm is extremely profitable, we take a commission of your profits per month. This commission, as well as the risks that we propose you, changes with the size of your wallet that you decide to invest in Algorent.

The Perf fees Payment can be done with crypto, credit card or wire transfer. The crypto payment is the easier, because you just have to make a withdrawal from your gains.